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Can You Paint Vinyl & Aluminum Siding?

As a homeowner, investing in vinyl and aluminum siding can help protect your home from the elements while giving it an aesthetically pleasing look, and painting it requires careful preparation so that it looks its best when finished.

How to find the best roofers in Hamilton

Originally founded almost 400 years ago by loyalists fleeing American revolutionaries, the city of Hamilton is now home to around half a million people. Over the last few years, residential housing prices have increased by more than 20%, making 2021 a great time to upgrade your property and further increase its value.

How to find the best roofing company in Burlington

Burlington is consistently ranked as one of Canada’s best communities and best places to raise a family. With plenty of green space, a strong community spirit, great business opportunities, and low crime, the city is an ideal location to establish a local business or a family home.

Roofing 101. What You Need to Know

Along with the floors and walls, the roof is one of the most important and fundamental components of any building. But it's also something that few people think about until something goes wrong and they find themselves contacting roofing contractors for roof repair. But roofs are actually quite complex structures with important purposes.

Roof Leaks : Most common places to look for Roof Leaks

The biggest issue to recollect a couple of leaky roof is that water flows downhill. Even flat roofs are not really flat. They have a little slope to them that lets water run to the drains. Looking on the slope of your roof, that mildew or leak on your bedchamber ceiling might originate at a hassle spot over your bedchamber, or it may be originating additional up the roof. If you are having hassle locating the leak, take a torch up into your attic area and look for damp or mildew. The earlier you'll find a leak, the less costly it's to repair.

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Gutter Protection: Gutter is to protect a building’s foundation

Gutter protection is very important for all. The main reason of a rain gutter is to protect a building's foundation by through water away from its base. Gutter also helps to prevents leaks in basements and crawlspaces, protect painted or stained surface by reducing..

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Roofing • Siding • Windows & Doors • Eavestroughs
169–1235 Fairview St., Burlington, ON L7S 2K9. Canada