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Custom Contracting Inc. is a hardworking contracting company that specialises in roofing, siding, custom window and door installations, and eavestrough repairs. We offer our services in Burlington as well, so if you are looking for the mentioned services, we are your best option.

Custom Contracting has been your local option for all things roofing since our founding. Our company has worked long and hard to make our mark here in Burlington, and our work speaks for ourselves. We work with you and your home and will ensure that your roofing services are completed safely, and efficiently with ease. From roof installation to emergency roof repair, our team of highly qualified technicians can deliver professional roofing services, with each of our clients. See how Custom Contracting can help you with roofing today, and have a great experience with one of the top roofing companies in Burlington.

Burlington Commercial Roof Installation

As one of the top roofers in Burlington, the team at Custom Contracting has been completing commercial roof installation for years. We love working with commercial clients and will work around your needs and opening hours. This means that you will be able to continue your normal business operations, without the need to adapt. Our technicians have to provide this service for years, and our work speaks for itself. From the local realtor shop down the street to the warehouse off of the 401, Custom Contracting has done it all!

Whether you are in an old colonial home, a flat roof building or anything in between, the team at Custom Contracting is the top commercial roofing option in Burlington. Our technicians can work with any materials and will ensure that you are getting the right roof for your situation. During our quote process, we will ensure you have a few options that work for your building and costing to provide you with an accurate quote from the start. From traditional wood to asphalt roofing in Burlington, the team at Custom Contracting has you covered for all of your commercial roof installation needs.

Burlington Residential Roof Installation

For our residential clients, the team at Custom Contracting has been working in and around the Burlington area for years. Whether we are working with your contractor to provide your new build with a roof, or replacing a roof, Custom Contracting has been your go-to option for all things connected to residential roof installation. Our residential services focus on providing our clients with accurate quotes, correct timelines and the best part; we can work around you! We have some flexibility when it comes to residential roof services and can start work when you need us on site. This means, if you work 10-6 or not regular hours, our team can work around your needs and install a roof with you in mind.

All of our technicians are experienced and have the expertise to handle practically any roofing material. From wood slats to asphalt, our team can help find you the perfect roofing material for your home. We have been providing these services for years and will be able to tackle even the most complicated residential roofing project. From ranchers to two stories that have high pitches, the team at Custom Contracting has delivered time and time again for our clients across the Burlington area. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions about our residential roofing options, then it is about time that you gave the team at Custom Contracting a call!

As one of the leading Burlington roofing contractors, the team at Custom Contracting is here for you. Here are some of the services that we are proud to offer across the Burlington area.
Services We Provide

Roof Installation

Our roof installation method ensures that our clients are kept in the loop and that your roof project goes off without a hitch. When you first contact our team about a quote, we will do a quick inspection of your roof and the property. Next, we will work out the specific details, including the type of roof, and the finish you want. When we send along with our free in-depth quote, we will also provide you with an estimated costing that will include the costs of the materials for the project.

Next, our team will arrive on-site and start the demo of your existing roof. Once that is completed, we can begin with the installation of the actual roof. This part of the project can take a couple of days, but the estimated time of delivery will be detailed in our quote. Finally, we will finish up the project and complete any finishing touches that you are looking to install. With our roof installation services, the team at Custom Contracting has you covered from quote to site clean-up!

Roof Repair

No matter if we are dealing with an emergency repair after a windstorm off of the lake or a spot repair that you have been putting off, the team at Custom Contracting has been completing roof repairs for years. Our team is your local experts at dealing with repair issues, and we cannot wait to help you and your roof out!

Custom Contracting is your local roof repair in Burlington that you can depend on. Our technicians have worked on a wide variety of roof materials and can handle practically any roof repair. We have worked with metal, slate, tile, wood, and asphalt roofs, and can patch, replace or refurbish any roof material that we see here in Burlington. All of our technicians are fully certified and can make sure that your repair is as good as new! With our technicians, your roof repair will not only be done right, but it will match your roof to help with resale value!

Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are an essential part of any roofing company, and as one of the top local roofing contractors in Burlington, Custom Contracting has you covered. All of our professionals can handle both commercial and residential roof inspections. We do roof inspections for a few crucial reasons:

  • To complete part of our in-depth quote process
  • To assist with insurance asks to inspect a properties roof
  • To help buyers to inspect a property in which they are looking to buy

Here at Custom Contracting, our team goes the extra mile. Our inspectors will look at your roof, your under-roof and every nook and cranny in or around. We want to ensure that you are informed of any issues and provide you with some options on how to improve or fix it. All of our roof inspections come with no string attached. Instead, we offer our services as you need them, and will provide some suggestions moving forward. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, but not sure on the roof, or need a look at an older roof to see if it needs to be replaced, Custom Contracting has you covered!


Custom Contracting was great throughout the whole process, from communicating with the insurance company and making sure we were satisfied. I would recommend this company to anyone. Great customer service and always there to answer any questions!

From the initial contact with Ryan through to the finished projects, this team of professionals were spot on. The crews were great, the workmanship flawless and the pricing was fair. The whole experience with this company was over the top. I highly recomend them.

Greg was very helpful throughout the entire process. The crew that came out was extremely polite and professional too. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of a roof repair or replacement.

Greg from Custom Contracting went out of his way to answer questions, bring shingle samples to our home for review, and ensured all the details were taken care of. His crew did a phenomenal job at completing our roofing project in 1 day. They were professional, courteous and cleaned up with no trace they had been there. Would definitely hire Custom Contracting again.

Roof Shingles

Bringing Burlington premium residential roof replacements and repairs is what we pride ourselves on. As the only roofer in the industry with WindProof roofing, Custom Contracting is here to ensure you that our roofs are all done with quality over quantity in mind. We are so confident in our shingles’ durability that we’re offering a 590 year limited warranty on all our WindProof shingles.

Emergency Roof Repair

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them to. At Custom Contracting, we understand that and are ready to help you by offering custom roof repair with hundreds of different styles and colours to ensure that we’ll have a shingle that matches yours in stock. With our industry certified staff and products, you can be rest assured that your roof will be made to last.

Roofing Carpentry

Plywood is the material that makes up the foundation for your roof and if it goes down, so does your roofing. After years of decay, it’s possible for plywood to get wet which can make it become brittle. If this is the case, you’ll most likely need to replace it. Burlington Custom Contracting provides thorough inspections FREE of charge and a service guarantee that our plywood replacement will be built to last.

Metal Roof Flashing

Custom Contracting provides all our Burlington customers with roof and chimney flashing at NO additional cost to you. These are crucial but often overlooked thin plates of metal that direct water away from vulnerable areas such as walls, chimneys and roof valleys. Don’t worry about hidden fees on your invoice since at Custom Contracting, the only thing you’ll get from us is a quality product and service guarantee.

Roof Accessories

Our Burlington installers provide sturdy metal alloy venting for your roofing. Typically, builder grade roofing provides plastic venting which is prone to degradation over time. Our wide array of roofing accessories ensures that your home will receive what it needs when it needs it. Simply contact your local project manager for more information today or book a virtual consultation today!

Roofing Insulation

An often overlooked aspect of roofing is what lies underneath. Your attic is key to providing the proper ventilation and circulation to your roofing foundation which keeps your plywood in pristine condition. Custom Contracting will provide you with a thorough inspection FREE of charge and help you save more during cold winter nights and boiling summer days by keeping the elements at bay.

Why Choose Custom Contracting Inc.

You can rest comfortably knowing that you have trusted the right people for the job. Custom Contracting is a reputable service that provides a world class service.

We Help Protect Your Investment
Every homeowner loves their property, which is something that we share with you. We will help to restore your home to the best condition so that it can retain its value for years to come.
We Have Decades of Experience
Custom Contracting has been in the business for more than two decades. We do not take shortcuts or cut costs in our operations. We do everything according to the industry standards and the expectations we set for ourselves to ensure the best results on every single project.
We Specialize in Our Fields
We focus on roofing, windows and doors replacement and installation, eavestrough repairs, and home siding restoration. Our years of experience along with our determination to achieve excellence is the reason why we can guarantee the best results every time.

Do You Have Questions?

Do you provide free quotes for your residential and commercial roofing services?

Yes, we provide free quotes for all of our commercial and residential roofing services. We will include the estimated time to complete the project, the material cost, and the labour cost. This quote will be provided to you via email or in-person, and if you have any questions, you can reach out to one of our experts over email or on the phone. We will include a few extra options that might work for your house, and no matter if you are a rancher or a commercial building, we will find the right roof for your building and budget.

Is there any warranty for your roofing services?

Yes, we offer three tiers of warranties. Our assurance warranty comes standard with all of our roofs and comes with a three-year workmanship guarantee. Our silver lining warranty upgrades your assurance warranty to include coverage for manufacturer defects with your roofing materials. Finally, our gold standard warranty comes with all of the guarantees from the assurance and silver lining warranties and expands the warranty to include manufacturing backed workmanship.

Which types of roofing can you install?

Our team is quite experienced and can install practically any roofing material that you would find in and around Burlington. This includes slate roofing, metal, asphalt, and wood. If you have a custom roof in mind, chances are the team at Custom Contracting can install it!

Which areas do you serve?

We are proud to serve the following regions of the GTA: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph.


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