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How to find the best roofers in Hamilton

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Aug 27, 2021


Originally founded almost 400 years ago by loyalists fleeing American revolutionaries, the city of Hamilton is now home to around half a million people. Over the last few years, residential housing prices have increased by more than 20%, making 2021 a great time to upgrade your property and further increase its value.

How do I hire the best roofer?

There are a lot of factors that go into finding a reliable roofer for your commercial or residential property. These are the most important things to think about:

Specific Experience

There are many types of roofing that all call for different skills from a roofing contractor, as they can involve very different construction processes, materials, and potential faults to look for. A roofer without the necessary experience in the type of roof you have could inadvertently cause damage or provide sub-standard work due to not knowing the intricacies of a particular design or material.

Get A Detailed Quote and Inspection

Your roofing contractor Hamilton should carry out a full inspection of your property and provide you with clear photos and explanations of everything they need to do. A clear and detailed quote doesn’t just tell you how much a project will cost, it should give you a full breakdown of every cost from labor and materials to waste disposal, site facilities, and equipment hire.

Besides giving you a better understanding of a project’s payment structure, a clear and detailed quote that breaks down every cost will make it easier to understand how any changes or complications could affect the project budget.

Don’t Make The Full Payment Upfront

Most reputable roofing contractors will not ask for the full payment upfront. Many will provide work without any down payment, or charge a small initial fee of up to a quarter of the total price in the case of more extensive projects. Paying contractors upfront is an unnecessary risk that leaves you with much less leverage in the event of a mistake or other problem that needs to be resolved.

Check Out Their Previous Work

You should be able to find case studies of a roofing contractor’s past projects on their website. Reading through case studies of projects similar to yours can tell you a lot about how a company handled the work and adapted to any problems or changes. Case studies should offer up plenty of info about the specific project being discussed and the solutions the roofer used, as these can be a good indicator of their knowledge and flexibility. On the other hand, vague case studies that don’t give you a clear picture of how the project went might suggest that less care and attention were put into it.

Besides reading case studies for more information about customer experiences, you can also go directly to the source by getting in touch with a few of their past clients. Any roofing contractor that is confident in the quality of their work and tradespeople will be happy to provide you with some references you can call or email to ask a few questions about how their own roofing project went.

Check the Online Reviews

In addition to the customer testimonials and case studies that roofing contractors share on their website, it is a good idea to also check out their reviews on third-party sites such as Better Business Bureau or TrustedPros. Unlike the content on their own site, contractors are not able to remove negative experiences from the record or cherry-pick which reviews and testimonials you get to see. This can give you a more accurate and unbiased picture of what a contractor is like to work with, as well as the quality of their work itself.

What do I need to know before hiring a roofer?

A reputable roofing contractor will talk you through everything you need to know and ensure you understand how the project is going to work. Just in case though, make sure you have answers to all of the following questions before giving the project a green light:

What Are The Labor Costs?

Labor costs are usually included in the price of each project task along with materials, equipment hire, and other costs. Getting a full breakdown of those costs, especially labor costs, is still a good idea. The scope of a project can change, especially if an undetected fault or structural issue is detected, and the impact those changes have on labor costs can alter your project budget. Knowing how the labor costs will work going into the project will make it easier to understand and predict the costs of any extra work that comes up over the course of the project.

How Many Layers Of Your Roof Will Need To Be Removed?

The number of layers of roofing that a contractor needs to remove to replace or repair your roof is one of the biggest factors deciding how much time a project will take, and by extension, how much money it will cost. It is very important to find this out before hiring a roofing contractor, especially as a roofing contractor who has not fully inspected the property may only include the cost of removing one layer in their quote, to make their price look more attractive. It is only later down the line, when work on your roof is already underway, that they might discover the need to remove more layers, and suddenly the cost of your new roof has jumped up by a considerable amount.

How Will Your Property Be Protected?

Your roofing contractor should also set out the costs of protecting your property from weather, dust, and debris during the project. The most obvious concern is of course how they will prevent rain from entering your attic or top floor while work is ongoing. However, you should also ask about how the outdoor areas of your property will be protected, such as flower beds and lawn furniture. This is usually just a case of covering everything with protective sheets of the tarp, but it is still important to check that your contractor has a plan for this and isn’t going to cause avoidable damage to your property.

What Are The Decking Replacement Costs?

Your new roof or roof repair might need the roof decking to be replaced, most commonly because it has begun to rot. This is one part of the roof structure that it is not always possible to fully inspect before the contractor has started taking down your old roof. As a result, it is one of the most common unexpected extra costs associated with roofing. Ask your roofing contractor how much it will cost for them to replace the roof decking if that turns out to be needed so that although you cannot predict this cost, you can at least plan for it.

How much does a new roof cost?

The average new roof installation in Canada costs a little under $5,000, depending on the size of the property and the materials being used.

What insurance should my roofer have?

If your roofing contractor is not insured against an incident that happens on your property, such as an accident or theft, they may be able to claim financial compensation from you instead.

These are the most important types of insurance coverage that a roofing contractor should have:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident and Injury Insurance
  • Equipment and Tools Cover

These ensure that if there is damage to your property, an on-site accident or injury, or theft of the roofer’s tools that wasn’t your fault, you won’t be paying the cost.

Should I stay home during roof replacement?

Being at home during a roof replacement means you are on hand to answer any questions that a contractor might have, which could enable delays to be resolved faster. However, there can also be a few problems with staying at home while a roofer is working on your home.

For starters, it can be pretty loud and annoying, with a lot of noise traveling throughout even a two or three-story building. And if that is likely to drive you crazy, it will probably be worse for your pets, especially cats.


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