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In addition to roofing, siding and services associated with windows and doors, Custom Contracting Inc. also offers a full range of assistance with gutters in Brantford.

Gutters, also known as eavestroughs, are an inherent part of the roof structure, and they need regular maintenance service. Their main purpose is to prevent the roof from pooling and save shingles from damage by helping water to drain. So, to avoid any problems with your roof, you should focus on proper gutter installation and if it needs regular qualified gutter repair. It is always worth keeping in mind that any damages and clogs of your gutters can transform into significant roofing issues at any time. That's why it is better not to delay the eavestrough repair and eavestrough replacement if it is damaged.

Luckily for you, the finest eavestrough installation services in Brantford are easy to find at Custom Contracting Inc. Also, we have such options as a gutter replacement and gutter repair to offer. Custom Contractor Inc. team of roofing experts can help you to ensure that you’ll get the finest eavestrough in Brantford that will be with you for many years to come.


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Here is why you should work with Custom Contracting Inc.

The only way for our company to thrive is to provide the best services on the market. That is why we attend to each detail and apply rigorous control checks to every workflow step to guarantee the highest quality service. Performing gutter installation in Brantford or gutter repair in Brantford, we aim to achieve the highest level of trustworthiness, integrity and craftsmanship. So, you can be sure that by hiring Custom Contracting Inc., you are getting the best quality service even for such simple manipulations as a gutter replacement in Brantford.

What makes our gutter guards better?

Our gutter guards are built to withstand Canadian seasons with heated technology and all weather durability, while also providing additional protection from all kinds of debris, dirt and insects.

We only use the extruded & anodized aluminum gutter guard frame. Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel 50 or 30 Micro Mesh, allowing only water to enter your gutters and never needing to be cleaned.

Our guards are super Easy to install and do not allow any organic material to grow or adhere on the eaves armor screen. Installs at the same pitch as your roof – sheds all debris quickly and easily.

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