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Siding :Think about Fiber-Cement Siding

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Mar 06, 2020

What is Fiber-cement siding?

Fiber-Cement Siding is very important. What is fiber-cement siding, and what are your options? Like typical siding, fiber-cement siding is applied to the outside of buildings to safeguard them from the weather. This product comes during a wide selection of colours and designs that match typical siding materials, notably stucco, cedar shingles, and wood clapboards. It’s created primarily from cement, sand, and wood fiber (often a recycled wood-fiber waste product), a mix that ends up in a particularly sturdy material.

If you’re building a brand new home, garage, addition, workshop or barn — or if it’s time to exchange the traditional, weather-beaten siding on your house — think about fiber-cement siding.
Fiber-cement siding generally prices a little over vinyl siding, however but stucco. It conjointly outlasts its competitors — usually by decades — as a result of it resists several common hazards, as well as fireplace, wind, insects, and rain. Fiber-cement siding is usually recommended altogether climates, however is good for warm, wet regions in spite of however wet it gets, it won’t rot and since of the cement and sand content, it’s termite-resistant.

Because of its sturdiness, fiber-cement siding reduces maintenance prices, and it’s less doubtless than typical siding to finish up in landfills. Sadly, there are a unit presently no use programs in situ for fiber-cement siding. However, it’s associate degree inert material that, if ultimately sent to a low land, mustn’t endanger the surroundings.
Although several builders and householders area unit simply discovering its advantages, this material has been around for quite a while — nearly one hundred years — thus you won’t be experimenting with a brand new product.

Fiber-cement planks created with a wood-grained or a sleek end area unit well-liked. These are available in widths of four to twelve inches, thus you’ll match existing siding if you’re building associate degree addition or garage. Wall panels with vertical grooves and side panels for the undersurface of overhangs also are out there.

Fiber-cement siding is ready and painted at the plant or on the vacant lot. (Some makers prime all of their merchandise.) I like to recommend factory-primed and painted siding, which regularly carries a guaranty of up to twenty five years. For people who wish to try to the priming and painting themselves, makers generally advocate associate degree alkaline-resistant primer and a 100-percent-acrylic high coat.

If you would like to alter the colour at a later date, no problem. Water-based acrylic paints adhere well. And fiber-cement siding doesn’t expand and contract the maximum amount as wood siding, thus paint stays in situ higher. It seldom peels or blisters, reducing maintenance time and price. Ask professional roofers in Hamilton area how to properly get it done.


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