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Is Siding Covered by Homeowner's Insurance?

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Apr 11, 2023

Homeowner's insurance plays an important part in protecting your home and belongings from potential damage. It is therefore important to understand what’s covered by your policy in order to ensure that all of your needs are met if an emergency situation ever arises.

However, one particular area of coverage that is often unclear for homeowners is siding. Siding can be costly to repair or replace should damage occur, and the purpose of homeowner's insurance is to provide financial protection against any property loss. Understanding the level of coverage to you offered by specific policies can help homeowners make informed decisions when selecting a plan tailored to their individual needs.

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance is a complex and multifaceted form of coverage, providing protection against an array of unpredictable events. While the specific terms of your coverage can vary depending on your policy, this type of insurance typically covers damage caused by fire, windstorms, hail, lightning strikes, theft, vandalism, or other types of liability situations.

When considering siding coverage under homeowner's insurance, it is important to note that there are several factors which will affect your coverage, including the age and condition of your existing siding materials, the location of your home relative to areas prone to extreme weather conditions, and your home’s maintenance history for replacing worn-out parts.

Factors That Affect Coverage for Siding

Insurance companies typically consider a variety of factors when determining whether or not they will provide coverage for damage suffered by your home's siding.

Weather events, such as hail storms, are usually taken into consideration when assessing potential damage. Generally speaking, if there is proof of negligence with regard to maintenance, then homeowner’s insurance will most likely not cover damages caused by weather-related incidents or other external forces.

In addition, some policies place restrictions on the types of materials that can be used on your home's exterior, which could affect what kind of coverage is offered to you.

What to Do If Your Siding Is Damaged

Without proper coverage, siding damage can demand significant repair costs. Knowing what to do if your siding is damaged can therefore help you protect your home and avoid unnecessary bills.

The first step if you notice damaged siding on your home should always be to check your homeowner's insurance policy for coverage before taking any further actions. If the policy covers repair or replacements for damages caused by fire, vandalism, storms, or other specified incidents, contact your insurer and file a claim immediately.

Be sure to keep all receipts related to siding repairs and replacements so that they may be reimbursed later on.

If there is no coverage under your policy, seek out local contractors who specialize in repairing or replacing exterior siding materials. Get multiple estimates from different companies and compare prices based on their quality of workmanship and materials used.

Are There Any Exclusions to Siding Coverage?

When it comes to your siding coverage, there are some potential exclusions that may need to be taken into account. It’s important for homeowners to understand the extent of what is covered and excluded under their policy in order to ensure that they have adequate protection against damage or loss.

Common areas of coverage exclusion include acts of nature such as floods and earthquakes, intentional damage or destruction caused by a homeowner, war or nuclear disaster-related damages, neglect or inadequate maintenance of the property, and pre-existing conditions prior to taking out a policy. These may all result in limited or no coverage available, meaning any costs associated with repairs will fall on the homeowner.

Additionally, certain types of siding material may not always be covered depending on your provider's specific guidelines.

What Is the Process for Filing a Claim for Siding Damage?

The first step to filing a claim for any siding damage on your home’s exterior is to assess whether or not the damage is covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Generally, most policies provide coverage against sudden or accidental losses caused by fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, smoke, or other hazards that are listed in your policy.

A review of the specific language of your insurance policy will help you determine whether or not certain types of damages, such as water leaks from roofing problems or mould growth due to improper ventilation, are also included within its scope.

Next, contact your insurer directly with any relevant documentation, including repair estimates and photographs taken at the time of inspection. Your insurer may then send out their own adjuster, who will inspect and estimate the cost of repairs needed.

After this assessment is complete and approved by both parties, a payment amount will be released, pending any applicable deductibles. It is important to remember that filing for claims related to home maintenance should not be done without consulting a professional for legal advice regarding your potential tax implications.

Making sure you have all the information you need to understand your homeowner’s insurance policies surrounding your home’s exterior siding is an essential step in protecting both your home and your finances from unexpected damages. At Custom Contracting, our team is here to help you find the peace of mind you need when it comes to your siding.

Reach out to a member of our team today with any questions you may have for quick and easy answers!


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