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How to Combine Traditional and Contemporary Window Styles

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Jul 26, 2019

In the corners of the internet where home design enthusiasts and professionals gather, excitement about a style that combines traditional and modern design can be observed. So many homeowners are now looking to integrate modern elements into their otherwise traditional preferences, yielding trends that are quite fascinating indeed. Are you looking to bring some traditional and contemporary styles together in your windows? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more!

Traditional and Modern Home Designs

The combination of modern and traditional home design is becoming more popular by the day. Homeowners are starting to value and admire the mix by more frequently integrating it into their homes. Homebuilders are taking advantage of this trend, using it as a golden opportunity to design homes with a combination of new elements. The homeowner’s taste in style will influence the aesthetics of the design.

Making Your Home Transitional

If your home already has a traditional look and you’re simply looking to add some modern designs to the mix, then a transitional home design is perfect to meet your desires. If you’re thinking about adding on to your house or thinking of updating its in-house surroundings, then a transitional view will help combine traditional and modern design, materials, coat, and polish. For instance, contemporary design tries to make a house look sleek by integrating more glass. With a transitional design, the glass remains, but natural features are added to make the area look warm and natural. 

Large Glasses Combined with Oversized Sliding Sash Windows

When constructing a transitional design, architects will choose the best combination of modern and traditional elements to generate a distinctive design while maintaining luxury and quality. With elements selected by the architects, you can now have fun and choose the transitional home style you would like or even the windows you may prefer to create a bright and energetic home. 

Window Styles That Match Traditional and Modern Homes

As you choose a new window style for your redecorated home, you need to keep your home’s architecture in mind. Not every window style will match your home; however, windows nowadays are more flexible. Therefore, finding a window to compliment your home’s architecture shouldn’t be too difficult. Additionally, custom window installations will help your window to sync well with your home design.

Bay Window Styles

One window that suits every type of home design is the bay window. Another window that is similar in design is the bow window, which covers more glass area, as well as wall openings. The bow window is curvier compared to the bay window and is often a great option for bigger homes.

Casement Window Styles

The casement window is considered to be a window that is fading into oblivion; however, the style can be altered to accommodate the design of homes today. An added benefit to the casement window is meeting exit regulations. It’s effortless and straightforward to exit through this style of window. Furthermore, the style also suits bedrooms and helps with meeting regulations.

Picture Window Styles

Picture windows are typically large in size. These windows work best with both traditional and modern home designs because they help bring out the charm. To help match a picture window with your other windows, you can add grilles or custom window frame installations. 

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