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Different Doors That Can Suit a South-Facing Entry

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Aug 01, 2019

Houses with south-facing entryways are generally greeted by the sun all day unless there are obstructions that keep your door from receiving the full brunt of the heat. When it comes to choosing the right door for your home, however, many people tend to decide purely from personal preferences in style. 

On that note, other factors such as durability and strength are equally important as you will need to consider its resilience against the wind, rain, would-be intruders, on top of making a good impression with the right design and material. 

Traditional doorways are typically made of wood or wood veneer, which is no longer the ideal material as it can warp, crack, and delaminate after years of exposure to the elements. In that regard, if you’re looking for the right door that provides security, has energy-saving properties, and looks appealing in a single glance, the list below explores the different types of material you can choose.

Type #1: Fiberglass

Fibreglass doors are the more popular choice for homeowners as it offers both beauty and brawn with its eye-catching finish and impressive durability. It comes in various styles, colours, and grains, along with the benefit of permeating paint within the fibreglass itself, which allows it to withstand the detrimental effects of a south-facing entryway. 

The material is not as durable compared to wood or steel, but the type of locks used is what makes it secure and safer against intruders. It also can adapt to the changes in weather as it can expand or contract without changing the controlled climate inside your home. Not to mention, it also has the longest lifespan, reaching up to 20 years, making it the ideal material for a south-facing doorway.

Type #2: Steel

Steel doors are a rare choice for people due to its lack of versatility in style and option, but it can be visually interesting given the right choices of design and its compatibility with the overall look of your home exteriors. 

The best thing about steel is its unparalleled durability and ability to withstand unforgiving environmental factors and scenarios revolving would-be forced entries due to its tighter-fitting frames and dual or triple-paned windows. 

Also, it is highly efficient in energy and cost-friendly, though for all its strength and appeal, its drawback is that it only lasts between five to seven years, especially when exposed to heavy weather or salt air.

Type #3: Wood

Wood is the oldest and perennial favourite of many homeowners as it is the go-to choice for high-end homes due to its unmatched beauty and flexibility in intricate designs. It is also the most expensive material to use, though many find it worth the price as it adds classic warmth to any home. 

However, when facing the south, it can take a beating under the unrelenting rays of the sun, causing it to age quickly. For that reason, some wooden doors are given limited warranties when installed. 

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