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5 Things You Should Do to Prepare Your Roof for the Spring

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May 03, 2019

As springtime rolls around and the snow melts away, there are going to be a lot of changes you have to prepare yourself and your home for. The spring weather in Ontario is notorious for being unpredictable, as it may be sunny during the morning and pouring rain in the afternoon. This rapidly changing climate will put major strains on your roofing structure, so you need to make sure that you take all the preventative measures necessary to ensure that your roof is ready to take on the challenges of the new season.

With that said, here are five tips on how to prepare your roof and gutters for springtime:

Inspect the roof and gutters of any potential damage

The first thing you should do when the days start to grow longer is to check the condition of your gutters. The harsh winter may make it impossible for you to look after your roof, as it will be too cold for you to do any work on it. This means that the damage that occurred during the winter may be taking its toll right under your nose.

Consequently, it’s important that you check every part of the roof to see if there are any significant damages that you need to repair right away. If there is any other type of damage that may be too complicated to address immediately, take note of it and come back to the problem once you’ve addressed other more pressing repair work.

One common roofing issue that you will have to check for is gutter damage. The piling snow may add a significant amount of weight to the structure, which may cause the gutters to be bent out of shape in some spots. You will need to check for signs of damage so that you can take care of them right away before the spring storms kick in. You should use this opportunity to clean the gutter of all the rotten leaves that may have accumulated over the winter, so get ready for some dirty work!

Protect the gutters

After repairing any roof and drain damages, you will need to reinforce the gutters to make sure that it can meet the irrigation needs of spring showers. Additionally, you should consider adding a leaf filter to help prevent any natural debris from piling up inside the hanger. Make sure that the elbows and the downspout of the water dispenser are clear to allow the excess water to be disposed of easily.

Take care of the major roofing concerns

After you’ve finished reinforcing the gutters, the next thing you need to worry about is the roof damage that you jotted down during the first inspection. If there is any significant damage such as a punctured roof or shingle damage, you need to make sure that you have the tools and expertise necessary for the repair. This is particularly important, as when the rain starts to fall, the excess moisture may be trapped inside the gaps between the worn shingles. This will provide the perfect breeding ground for mould and germs that can harm the insulation layer under the roof. It’s always better to work with a professional to ensure that the repair process is done correctly and safely.

Address the rust issue

Another roofing problem that you should look for is rust. There are many metal parts involved in a roof structure and all of them are prone to rust, along with other water-based wear and tear. This can be a major issue, considering that springtime rainfall will make this problem even worse. You should use a soft washer and a brush to go through the rusty spots on the roof to get rid of the build up. This will help to extend the longevity of the roof significantly, so make sure you make time for the task.

Check the ceiling for any signs of water damage

Lastly, another common sign of roofing damage can be noticed in the ceiling, as that’s where the water damage will be most visible. If you start to see some water marks on the ceiling or if you smell something musty, it may be time to call in roofing professionals.

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