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Quick Facts:


There are numerous types of insulation used in attics, including fibreglass, mineral fibre, cellulose, and spray foam.


Air sealing an attic is also important to the overall comfort of a home in every season.


Attic insulation is the easiest and most cost-effective upgrade to a home.


A properly insulated attic can save you an estimated 10-50% on your heating bill (especially important in Ontario’s climate).

A Properly Insulated Attic Can Save You An Estimated 10-50% On Your Heating Bill.

For most homeowners, attic insulation is a home improvement that is very often underestimated. Unfortunately, by overlooking the importance of attic insulation, there’s a risk of higher heating and cooling bills and compromised indoor comfort. Attic insulation is very much like a “blanket” around the house – it serves to stabilize temperatures throughout the house and provides added comfort to occupants and residents inside the house. While most homeowners keep the outside of the house looking good for its aesthetic appearance, the mechanics inside the house ensure that indoor systems function well – like heating, cooling and ventilation. It’s here that attic insulation can make an impact,
and for a typical homeowner, it’s important to understand the dynamics of that insulation.

In fact, cold climate or not, proper attic insulation will always have a bearing on utilities. The amount and volume of attic insulation should be relative to house size, winter climate, and summer climate. And because indoor environments are dependent on rising heat and falling cold, it’s most important to keep heat inside during the winter, and cool inside during summer. This is where attic insulation does the job – creating an air barrier and vapor barrier, while providing thermal insulation (R-Value) throughout the seasons. For professional contractors like Great Northern Insulation, attic insulation begins with sealing the space – this ensures that the attic is airtight, and that airtightness provides major benefits. To begin with, incoming and outgoing airflow is constrained.

As well, energy consumption (heating and cooling) is controlled. And finally, the insulation itself will perform more effectively. Simply put, sealing and insulating comprises a “system”. For maximum energy efficiency, attics should be that is sealed, insulated, and ventilated – it will make for a “system” that provides both energy savings and home comfort. And while there are a great many insulation products on the market today, the professionals are opting for spray foam insulation as their product-of-choice. Compared to the other products, spray foam insulation has many more benefits and much better performance.

Benefits of Spray Foam vs. Fibreglass Attic Insulation


For the attic space, spray foam is ideal. When properly installed, a spray foam application creates a complete “blanket” that seals and insulates at one time.


The “blanket” envelops the entire attic floor, including the support beams, the plumbing and electrical, and other penetrations into the attic space.


As for insulation value, spray foam will deliver a higher R-Value than any other product on the market. And the benefits will be noticeable every season.


Because an attic needs sealing and insulation, spray foam combined with blown-in cellulose or blown-in fiberglass is the best option. It creates an air barrier and vapor barrier in one application, and restricts air movement completely (the primary reason for energy loss).


Although the spray foam product and installation is more expensive than others, the considerable energy savings make the project cost very worthwhile. Indeed, the “payback” period only takes a few seasons.

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